Mission & Purpose

Korean War Veterans marching in hometown Independence Day Parade – Micanopee, FL

Most people that help others or perform  acts of kindness for the betterment and greater good of humanity never really think of themselves as any sort of a ‘hero’. But folks that are for example, affiliated with or are members of the Military, Police Services, Firefighters, First Responders, Teachers, Volunteers and similar that are constantly giving of their time to do for others are – at least in my eyes – heroes in one form or another.

My name is Mike Thomas. My mission in this life has evolved into utilizing my God given talents or skill sets to recognize and preserve the acts & good deeds of these type of folks. Not just to make them feel appreciated but to show the rest of the world that good human beings still exist out there and hopefully will inspire those respective individuals to do likewise.

The name of this project is, “A Walk Among Heroes.” 

The grand plan is for me to seek out and capture these heroes’ stories then share them with you, the reader, in either print, audio (podcast style) or video format. All the aforementioned will appear here on the project web site, www.AWalkAmongHeroes.com

My question for you the reader – do you have a story or two to share? Or do you know somebody that does? It can be about almost anything. Just so long as it’s a meaningful story with emotional roots of some kind. If the answer is yes, please contact me! The email is below. I’d love to chat with you about it:


Trust me when I say you’d be doing a wonderful thing for people that could probably use a little hope & faith or just to hear a story about real life positivity in these ever changing times. 

Thanks for taking the time this far to read this description. Whether you choose to be a participant or not, please continue to check out the web site for a dose or two of good, healthy uplifting stories. 

Be good to each other – Peace,

Mike Thomas

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